My Sweet Boys!

These two boys are the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for.  I look at this picture and I am amazed that I get to be there Mommy.  I cant believe how fast they grow up.  It seems like just yesterday David was Jonathans age and now he takes up the whole crib.  David is my two year old monster! Oh I love that boy so much but he just loves to try my nerves and patience.  Brian says he has my strong will.  I think its a good thing but we will just have to direct that strong will for good purposes!!

Jonathan is 7 months old already and I cant believe it! He is just getting too big too fast.  He is teething like crazy.  He already has 6 teeth and I think he is getting his eye teeth already too!  It is so amazing to see him and David interacting with each other.  Jonathan loves his big brother and could watch him all day long.  He is trying to pull himself up on things and starting to go backwards when he is on his belly! So he should be crawling here soon!

Brian has just been promoted to store manager here in Nashville! We could not be more excited!  He has worked so hard for this promotion and it has paid off!  It is so amazing to look back since we left Ca and see the incredible blessings God has given our family.  Right now we are looking for our own place to rent in Spring Hill, Tn.  We want to be in this house for some time until we are ready to buy our own place.  Our family is just ready to be settled and to be in our own house!

I am working at an in home daycare for a woman at my church! It is great, I love it! I get to bring the boys with me, its the best of both worlds! David loves playing with the kids and has really grown in his character being around other kids!  I am loving being a mom to two incredible boys and a wife to an amazing husband!

Thats where we are now!!




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