Home Sweet Home!!

We are finally in our new place! I cant believe it.  It felt like this day would never get here! We moved into a beautiful brand new townhome in Spring Hill.  Its a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath and it is 1450 square feet.  We feel like kings! In California we had a 1 bedroom with a den that was 800 square feet and we were paying 1200 a month for it! We have worked hard as a family to get here and by the grace of God we made it!  Brian is doing great at his new job.  He is staying very busy as there is much work that needs to be done to get that store back in order!

I have started doing meal plans! Yes go Jen! I was always Jen cant cook but I am turning that old Jen in for Jen can cook!! I found a great website called momswhothink.com and they have a great meal plan for two months! The first night I made chicken enchiladas with spanish rice! That was a success.  The second night I made cheesy crock pot chicken over rice with cornbread.  While it was good and edible it was requested that it not come back on the menu again!!! Thank you Brian for being honest!  Tonight its roast that has been in a crock pot with 1 can of coke, 1 package of onion soup mix, and 1 bottle of chili sauce.  That will be served over mashed potatoes with garlic green beans!  I am just amazing myself right now.  This might seem very minor to some of you but this is HUGE for me! I have always wanted to make dinners for my family and sit at the table together and eat and I never made myself just do it and now I have and I am loving it and very proud of myself actually!! Go Jen!

The boys are doing great! Man I love them with all my heart.  They are just so amazing and I am blessed beyond words that God choose me to be their mommy!  Jonathan is sleeping in his own room and I am loving that.  He was sleeping through the night and then more teeth started coming through and then mommy made the mistake of nursing him instead of making him go back to sleep on his own and so now his biological alarm clock goes off every morning at 2 am and silly mommy goes in every time and nurses him and then puts him back to bed! He started crawling just before he turned 8 months old! He is fast, especially if he is coming towards me or he sees a pair of shoes! This boy loves to chew on shoes.  So gross.  He loves to squel at you.  He makes a game out of it.  You squel at him and he will squel at you! Its so fun to play!  I love his smile and his sweet spirit.  This boy brings so much joy to my heart and strong muscles to my arms!!

David is my sweet, sweet boy that can turn into a strong willed monster in seconds! He loves to just go and topple his brother for no reason.  I am trying to teach him that if he wants to show love to his brother he can either pet him on the head of give him a hug and a kiss but not to wrestle him.  We have a huge brown teddy bear that he is supposed to wrestle, but for some reason its just not as fun!  His new bad word that he has picked up is shut up.  He has no idea what it means but he knows it gets a reaction out of mommy and daddy.  He also likes to yell no at you if you tell him to do something.  So we are trying to redirect all these lovely behaviors.  I went to a MOPS group yesterday and the speaker was talking about respect and that we need to respect our children.  David probably yells no at me because he has seen me yell at him to stop doing something.  So I am working on myself in that area.  I am trying to respect him as a person and not yell but to be calm but at the same time inform him that he has crossed the line.  I love being a mom but you learn a lot about yourself and in turn can become a better person as we strive to teach our children to be the best person they can be.  Thank goodness I have the Lord to help me along the way because I could never do this on my own, nor would I want to.   My favorite time of the day with David is really all day just watching him play and having fun but the most special time is when I am tucking him in at night.  He loves to just hold me and he begs me to sing a song I made up to sing him goodnight.  I always say ok one more time and he says ok and then I end of singing it like 3 more times.  Now when we put Jonathan to bed he likes to sing the song to Jonathan.  Oh it just melts my heart!

So we are just plugging along in this journey called life.  We are striving to make ourselves better people by growing in our relationship with Christ.  So thankful that we serve such a loving, gracious, forgiving and patience God. 


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Here are some of our Easter pictures! The adorable outfits are from Grams! She is so good about getting the boys “cute Easter outfits”!  It is so much fun to watch David experience holidays now! I tried to teach David what Easter meant today but it seemed like so much to tell a 2-year-old.  So we stuck with saying Jesus is alive! I felt like that pretty much summed up the best part of what Easter means and to top it off he got to see the Easter bunny and partake in all the fun Easter activities!  It brings so much joy to my heart to watch him grow and learn.  I can’t believe how fast they grow up! I love having boys.  They are so good to their Mommy.  David is always telling me “pretty mommy”.  Oh that just melts my heart.  He is starting to pick up on everything.  Brian and I are going to start watching what we say because he is picking up on everything! One thing he is starting to say now that he picked up from being at the daycare is “I had it first”.  He is starting to say that to boomer!. 

Today Jonathan aka boomer, booms, boomsey, boom boom and the list can go on; was on all fours with his butt up in the air! He wants to crawl so bad but he doesn’t want to crawl too far away from mommy.  Oh man he is my mommas boy for sure.  If I put him down and walk away he starts to cry, if dad is holding him and I walk away he cries and then he darts his head all over to make sure his eyes never leave me! Oh my sweet boy.  It would be so much easier to hold him if he didn’t weigh so much.  At his 6 month check up he weighted 22 pounds and its been a month since then so I am guessing he is around 24 now! He is huge.  His smile and his blue eyes just capture my heart.  He is so happy and so loveable.  You just want to squeeze those big cheeks.  I can’t believe he is already 7 months old.  Time just goes by too fast. 

Brian has one more week left at his store in Green Hills and then its off to his new store in Nashville!  He is very excited and we are so proud of him!

We found a new townhouse in Spring Hill.  We are moving in  a week and we can’t wait! We have dreamed of coming to Spring Hill for a long time and now it is finally all working out! God is so good to us and continues to bless us and amaze us with His provisions! We serve an incredible God that died for us, the 4 Cannons.  So undeserving but we pray that we would live our lives as a family to bring honor and glory to his name. 

Happy Easter