Our first Cannon family night!

It was Brian’s awesome idea to have this family night! He said “let’s make pizza and watch Bolt”.  I was so excited for this night to come I could hardly contain myself.  This is what being a family is all about.  Making special memories together and loving on each other!  So for dinner we made homemade pizza! It was super easy.  You take 2 tubes of biscuits and quarter them.  Lay them down in a grease casserole dish.  Brown up some hamburger meat and add a jar of pizza sauce.  Pour that on top of the biscuits and bake at 400 for 20 minutes.  Add a cup of cheddar cheese and 1.5 cups of mozzarella cheese to the top and bake another 5-10 minutes.  Super easy and really yummy! My family loved it.  Jonathan was really tired so he screamed through much of dinner which was so lovely!!  We gave the kids a bath and then started the movie.  Jonathan made it for about 20 minutes then he went to bed! A movie watcher just like his mother!! I actually stayed awake the whole time, and I am very proud of myself for that! David loved the movie, Bolt.  His eyes were glued to the tv the whole time.  He just wanted to cuddle the entire movie with his mommy.  Oh what a special gift to cuddle with your baby boy.  He said he was hungry so we made some popcorn.  Davids new thing is to find pacifiers and pretend he is a baby so he had two pacifiers the whole movie, one for his mouth and a bottle nipple for his hand.  When the movie was over and the credits were rolling, David got up and was dancing to the music.  So then Dad got up and started dancing with him and then they made mommy get up and start dancing! Then we had a bunch of family hugs because David thought this was so funny and we all went to bed! It was an amazing night and I look forward to our family nights in the future. 

Thank you God for my precious family! May I rear my boys in a way that brings honor to you and help me to love and cherish my husband as you have called me to! Amen


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  1. Hollis
    May 01, 2010 @ 17:35:27

    Dearest Jen, How beautiful. God will honor the heart of the mother & wife who serves her family and rears her children in the admonition of the Lord!!! I’m so happy that it was a wonderful time for all of you! You will have those memories in your heart forever!!! Love you!!


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