Can’t pass up these pics!

Oh these boys just melt my heart!!! Today we went for a walk on the walking trail by our house! We had to put on some sunglasses!!  They are infant sunglasses so they were a little small for David and his large head.  Booms wore them for about 5 seconds then took them off to eat them.  He dropped them on the walk and then we realized he dropped them when we found them on the way home!!  David “rode” his bike.  The way David rides a bike is by sitting on it and pulling the old Fred Flintstone and uses his feet instead of the pedals! So cute! I tried to get him to pedal but he was not interested!  Then he decided that he wanted to walk/run for a while and then towards the end he wanted me to carry him.  So there is mom pushing a stroller with a large infant in it, the bike in the basket of the stroller, and carrying a 2.5 year old while pushing the stroller one-handed!!! Ok  if that is not a multi-tasker then I don’t know what is!!! I am a multi-tasker at heart though, it gets my blood flowing!!!

 Today was a big day for David because he threw away his pacifier!  He never liked pacifiers until the day Jonathan was born he would pretend to be a baby.  Then when we drove from Ca. to Tn he sucked on one the whole car ride! It kept him content though!! So we would try to hide them but he would always find them! Well just recently he found one and has been sucking on that thing day and night.  So last night Brian told him that he would buy him a scooter if he threw away his pacifier.  So at that minute he took his pacifier and threw it in the trash and then jumped up and down to get the scooter.  We told him he would have to wait until tomorrow so he got the  pacifier out of the trash and went on his way! So today we went to target and got a scooter with three wheels and a dinosaur helmet to go with it. He just stands on the scooter and tries to jump and make it move.  We have tried to teach him how the scooter works but he has not quite figured it out yet.  So he plays with it for a while and then asks where his pacifier is.  We tell him it’s in the trash and that we said he got the scooter because he threw the pacifier away.  He said he didn’t want the scooter anymore and that he wanted the pacifier!! Oh my poor baby.  I hope he forgets about that thing soon.  It’s so hard to see them so upset when they don’t understand what is going on.  So we will see how tomorrow goes without the pacifier!!!

I love these boys so much! Everyday they just melt my heart!  I am so blessed to be their mommy! Thank you Lord!!


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  1. Erin
    May 06, 2010 @ 13:10:29

    The girl across the street gave Kiara her old bike with the training wheels on it. She sits on it and says peddle, peddle but just sits there until she puts her feet down to walk with it. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding. Love Ya, -Erin


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