Summer Fun!

It seems like forever since I last posted! Some days it just seems like it’s the same old thing; breakfast, play, snack, play, nap, work, dinner, bath and bed! But things do happen during the day that are so worth remembering and writing about.  I need to be sure that I capture all the great memories even if it does feel like just another day! So lets see what is new in our lives . . .

Brian is doing great! Still working really hard and really excelling in his job.  Someone came in to his store and was so moved by their experience in the store and with Brian that they wrote a letter to CVS.  So Brian was awarded a $250 gift card that he is going to use to redecorate his break room!! So we are so proud of him and all the hard work that he does.  Today is Fathers Day and we have done our best to spoil him and love on him!  He truly is wonderful.  He loves his family so much and takes such good care of us!

As for me, I am taking each day at a time! I am raising a 2-year-old and trying my best to keep my sanity and patience every day.  I love David with all my heart but man sometimes he makes me work so hard!! I love being a mom and I love that I am able to stay home with them.  This is what I wanted to do with my life and it feels so good to be living my dream!

David is like I said a two-year old, but he can be such a sweet two-year old too! It is amazing to just watch him and think how does he know how to say those big words like that?? Today he said Mommy you are my best friend! Ok if that does not just melt your heart then I am not sure what can.  He is a wonderful big brother and very protective of his booms.  I have been slow about potty training him because, is this bad to say, I like the convenience of a diaper! We are going to Ca in August and I would love to not have to worry about taking him to the bathroom, especially since I am flying alone with the boys.  So I keep telling myself after I get back! But if he does want to try going potty I encourage it! Tonight he pooped this tiny little thing in the big boy potty, but he was rewarded for his hard work.  He got a sticker! The only stickers that we have in the house are return address stickers with cute little designs on them so he picked one that said Happy Birthday with our home address on it! Oh well he didn’t know the difference a sticker is a sticker!!  Brian and I have decided to read Wild At Heart by Jon Eldridge.  I think by reading that book will help us and guide us as we raise a precious wild at heart little boy!! I love you David!!

Jonathan who really thinks his name is booms or boomey is just incredible.  He has these cheeks that you could just eat up along with these beautiful blue eyes! Oh man he melts my heart to pieces! Well he has been crawling for about a month and he is a mover.  He is eating big people food now which is great because that baby food sure is expensive.  He loves to take his time while eating too.  We went to Cracker Barrell today for breakfast and he just would take one piece of pancake at a time, as if he was savoring every bite.  This boy gets so many stares and hellos, he definitely attracts people to himself.  He says momma and can say deydey and dada!  He is getting his molars now too but he still will give you a smile that can melt you to the ground! 

Needless to say we are one blessed family.  God has given us two amazing boys and he has given those boys two amazing parents who strive to be better people.  We are so thankful for Gods grace and mercy as he teaches us to be better parents and a better husband and wife.  We are loving Tn and loving life! Thank you God for everything!  Enjoy some new pictures!


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