Summer Days!

It is already August and I can’t believe where the time has gone! We have tried to keep ourselves busy doing things that are either free or cheap or places that have air conditioning or that involves water! We have had a lot of play dates with friends and have made a couple of trips to the rec pool! I have learned that my boys have no fear of the water.  They are like their Momma! I think they are going to be great swimmers!!

David is just getting so big! It is amazing how fast they grow.  People always tell you that,  but then when  it happens to you it is like a huge surprise.  David amazes me everyday in the new things that he says and how he expresses himself.  He is growing into a little independent boy with a personality.  The other day he was playing around in my closet and he found this accordion type folder and he asked me to open it because he needed to check his email!!! I thought that was the funniest thing ever.  Later that night he was sitting in a chair reading a coloring book and Brian asked him what he was doing and he told him he was checking his email! Their minds and imagination is a joy to experience.  He is starting to now take toys and have them interact with each other, of course they are always pretend fighting and wrestling but boys will be boys! I must say that he is an awesome big brother! He loves his boom boom and takes such good care of him! We are slowly but surely trying to get the potty training thing underway.  He has pooped in the toilet once or twice and peed in the toilet at a friends house of course when I was not their.  I think we will really start the potty training when we get back from California!

Jonathan will be turning 1 this month!! Oh my gosh like I said before where does the time go?  He also started walking this month.  He still crawls but will also stand up and walk around.  He is such a big squishy smiling joy! He has the most beautiful blue eyes and a smile to melt your heart.  He loves his dayday! He always wants to see where he is and what he is doing and playing with. Since David was brushing his teeth every night we had to get Jonathan a tooth brush so he could be like dayday!  He says momma, dadda, dayday, hello, he blows kisses, he says baba.  I am trying really hard to wein him off nursing and to start drinking milk.  I am doing both right now and trying to focus more on the milk.

Brian is doing great! Still plugging away at work.  We are hoping and praying that another store that is closer and bigger would open up for him but until then we are thankful he has a job!  He is still insistent that he grows his hair out.  He wants to be able to wear it pulled back.  I am so not a fan of long hair but I guess you only live once so hopefully he gets over the long hair thing quickly!!

Me I am doing great also! I head home to California in about 1.5 weeks and I am so excited! I can’t believe that it has been just under a year since we moved here to Tn.  Time sure has flown by.  I am doing my hardest and my best to get out there and meet people and develop good friendships.  I have a great group of girls that I am begining to do that with and I am really blessed.  It is hard because I want my sister here so bad and I keep thinking in my mind I need to find a friendship like that but nothing or no one could ever replace that friendship.  I am blessed beyond words to have her.  So California here we come! I can’t wait!

Ah yes the famous poocasso!! This is the work of David. This is the second time he has taken his diaper off and wiped it all over the walls.

Every Friday is cookie day at work! This boys loves cookies and makes a huge mess every time!

Morning cuddle time! Priceless!!


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