California Adventure-Day 1

Well today is August 23rd and me and the boys are leaving for 3 weeks to California! I can’t believe that this day has finally arrived! I am really excited but nervous to be gone from Brian for so long and for the boys to be away from their dad for so long but it will be worth the trip.  Today I just finished packing and we just hung out at home soaking up our last couple of hours together!

When we got to the airport they asked for proof of Jonathan’s date of birth.  Oops! So I had to have his pediatrician fax something over on their letterhead with his date of birth! Well as that was coming through the fax she said if I had their shot records I could use that to prove his birthday and what do you know I had that in my purse! She also gave brian a pass to stay with me until our plane left which came in so handy to have him there.  When we went through security I beeped when I went through because of my pump so they had to wand and pat me down while I was holding Jonathan and Brian had David, the double stroller, two bags, and a car seat! I can’t imagine if I had done that on my own!

We ended up getting to the airport pretty early so we had awhile until we boarded.  We let the boys run around and we got an early dinner.  We ended up running into a friend that I knew from my highschool youth group days and Brian knew from his highschool youth group days and he happened to be on my same flight! Small world!

The flight was a piece of cake! It was a fast 4 hours! David watched movies, colored and read books and Jonathan fussed for a bit, slept and played! When we landed I had to get both boys in the double stroller, carry both bags, my purse, and the car seat! Luckily it was not that bad and my mom was right there when we got off the elevator at the baggage claim area!

We got to my parents house and the boys played for a bit and then it was bath time and then bed time!  It feels great to be back in California with my family!


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