California Adventure-Day 2

Well the boys woke up nice and early as usual! My Mom made us pancakes and we just hung out and the boys played until my sister, Jack and Colton came over! It was so good to see them.  This was the first time that I have met Colton.  He is so adorable and he has the sweetest face! He has no hair except for this small square patch on the back of his head and he has the most beautiful blue eyes! David and Jack picked up right where they left off! They played outside in the water and of course David was running around naked.  We soon learned that Jack is not as comfortable in the nude as David is but once he had a diaper on though he was fine! We let the boys play for a while and then headed out to Renee’s house in Brentwood so that I could pick up the car she is letting us use while we are here. 

As we were driving home from Renee’s house David was crying the whole way that he wanted his Dada and that he wanted to go home! His first couple of days were tough for him but I think he getting more and more comfortable.  When we got to my Parents house the electricity was out so it was cold mac and cheese and pb&j for dinner!

After the boys had a bath and went to bed my Mom grilled steaks, sausage, and chicken for me and my Dad.  So we had some tasty meat, salad and a glass of wine while we watched a movie a chick flick-The Back Up Plan!  I feel asleep before the movie was over of course so I never saw how it ended!


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