California Adventure-Day 3

Today we went back out to Brentwood and had a playdate with Renee and some of her new friends that she has met! It was a lot of fun! It was all boys so David and Jonathan had a great time.  At one point I asked Renee where Jack was.  She was calling and calling for him but no answer so she went upstairs to find him and there he was on the top bunk of someones bed laying down with his hand behind his head! We laughed so hard about that one! We were getting ready to leave and we went outside to round-up the boys to discover that Jack had stepped in dog poop with his shoes on while David stepped in dog poop with his bare feet! So we hosed them off and went home to Renee’s house for nap time! Renee I thought it would be cute to have David and Jack nap in the same twin bed together.  You could hear them laughing and playing but then we heard screaming and yelling.  We run up there to find Jack saying “I sorry, I sorry, I sorry” and David crying because Jack bit him! Oops probably not so smart on the Moms part! So we separated them and they slept for a bit.  When they got up they played outside for a while and then David bit Jack and then I guess they decided they were even!  The boys ate dinner there and then we headed back to my Parents house.  I gave the boys baths and put them to bed.  After they were in bed asleep then I went to Pleasanton to help my friend Tannya with wedding preparations.  We hung out and drank some wine and had some good laughs!  I got to bed about midnight which is so past my bedtime!


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  1. elaine barrett
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 05:09:39

    Have to say I loved this post. It really made me laugh. Sorry I couldn’t get the car to you, but next week should be better.


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