California Adventure-Day 6

Today is the big wedding day! Hooray! I had the whole morning to relax and hang out before Bree and Kimberly came over to do my hair and make up at 12.  I had to be dressed, ready and at the wedding site at 2.  My dress was a smidge small in the top so Kimberly had a great idea to put rice in zip lock baggies and stuff my bra, and so I did!! I still had to safety-pin it for it to stay up, and it still kept falling down all night long.  At least I had rice to throw at Tannya and Chris as they left!! Oh and a full looking chest! The wedding was beautiful and Tannya and Chris were so happy that this day had finally come! We danced and laughed and had a great time until they finally left around 11! And now I am exhausted! Whew . . .


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