California Adventure-Day 7

The boys woke up at their bright and early normal time of 6:45! I was exhausted because I went to bed at 11:30 which is WAY past my bedtime! Whew! Luckily we had nothing really planned this morning! We played in the backyard for a while and then at about 10, me the boys, my mom, and Sarah went to the bagel bakery to meet up with Shiloh, her kids, and Kimberly! It was so fun to catch up and see each other.  David and Brit got along great and were instant friends.  After bagel bakery the moms dropped off me, Shiloh, Sarah, and all the kids at a park in Dublin to let the boys run off some energy.  After the my mom and Kimberly were done running errands they picked us up at the park and we went back to my parents house.  I laid Jonathan down and Brit, David and Lily played in the backyard.  Bree came over with her boyfriend and all of us hung out for about 2 hours.  At about 2 Shiloh and I and the kids went to Dan and Melissa’s little girls 1st birthday party.  At first it was a little awkward pulling up seeing people who I have not seen for a while but once we got the kids out and started saying hello to everyone it was like we had never spent time apart.  We left there at about 4.   I went home feed the boys dinner, bathed them, and packed a bag for us to go see our family in Sacramento.  We left at 6 to go and see Kari, Brian’s older sister, her husband and their 4 kids and Brian’s youngest sister Caitlin who is living with them this semester.  The drive was not that bad expect I had no idea that the toll is 5 DOLLARS!!!! Oh my gosh I could not believe it.  I pulled up to the toll with 3 dollars and when I saw that is was 5 dollars I honestly almost cried.  I asked the guy what I should do and that I had no idea the toll cost that much.  He said that they would send me a bill for 30 dollars!!!! I had  no choice but to drive through and then pray and pray that they don’t send m a 30 dollar bill!!!  The car that we are borrowing from Renee has no radio in it so my Mom let me borrow her iPod but of course the battery died in Sacramento which just happened to be the time that Jonathan started to cry until we reached their house! Once we got their the boys said hi and played for a while and then off to bed!  So good to see them!  I love them!


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