California Adventure-Day 8

Today we woke up and played with our cousins! It was so much fun to watch David, Jonathan, Kastle, and Cannon all play together! A lot of pictures were taken and I will eventually post the California pictures!  After breakfast we let the kids play outside for a while and then we put them all to bed around 11.  After nap time we fed them lunch and then we headed over to this frozen yogurt place and to see some ducks! We let the kids run around for a while until about 2:45 when we had to leave to go pick up Hannah and Caleb from school.  After we picked them up from school we went to this really cool park with water structures that the kids can play in.  Everyone had so much fun and by the time we left there we could tell that is was definitely going to be an early bedtime for all the young ones! We got home and fed the kids dinner and gave them baths in the kitchen sink and then at 6:15 we put all the little ones in bed! Once they were in bed we were able to sit back relax, drink some wine, eat some dinner and just sit! I am wiped out and ready to head to bed!!


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