California Adventure-Day 10

Today was a fun-filled day! We started the day off with a walk to Starbucks with Tannya! Yes she did just get married but they are home for a few days before they leave for Cabo and I still had her lip gloss from the wedding, so we made a coffee date!  Tannya came over to my parents house and we walked the boys in the double stroller on the iron horse trail to the Alcosta Starbucks! We just caught up on each others life and being newly married! When we got home Tannya had to leave to run a few errands in preparation for Cabo! After she left then Renee came over with her boys, Shiloh came over with her kids, and Ciera came over with her kids.  It was like a large daycare! It was so great to watch them all play outside.  It was so hot yesterday so we took the kids swimming for a few hours.  Kimberly (Manna) came over and she played with the kids in the pool and got her extra workout for the day.  Bree and her boyfriend Andrew stopped by for a bit but then Bree had to go to work! Everyone went home around 4 because we were all aiming to put our kids in bed early and then meet in Pleasanton for the street fair.  Well that did not work out so well. My kids went to bed at 6:30 but I was far too tired to take a shower and get somewhat dolled up to go walk around downtown Pleasanton.  Renee could not decide what she wanted to do and Ciera and Shiloh were walking out the door to leave when they realized no one was home to be with their sleeping children.  So they sat on the porch waiting for someone to come home.  The street fair ends at 8 so by this time we were working on plan B.  Renee and I went to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner and Ciera, Shiloh, Kimberly and Joseph came over and us girls sat outside and drank wine and laughed for hours! It was so much fun! Oh Joseph sat inside and watched ESPN and let us have our girl time! Renee went home same time as Kimberly and Joseph, while Ciera, Shiloh and I continued to talk for another hour! I did not get to bed until midnight! It was so worth it! This was a fun day!!!


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  1. elaine barrett
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 21:52:24

    It sounds like an almost perfect day. Those are the kinds of memories that stay with you. Relatively simple time, but great sharing with old friends.


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