California Adventure-Day 14

So today is the big party day!! Summer bird for those of you who don’t know is Thanksgiving in the summer hence the name summer bird! My parents rent tables and chairs and go all out in the backyard with decorations, food and beverages to celebrate Thanksgiving in the summer! Basically its a great excuse to party with family and friends! So this morning we again just played in the backyard and helped get ready for the party! The boys went down for naps and when they woke up we went to feed the ducks! We meet the Tutino girls, Jeff and Dana, and George and Jane at the Blackhawk Plaza and let the kids play on the play ground and feed the ducks! It was fun and beautiful outside.  We got home and I put Jonathan down for another nap and I slept for a bit while David watched a show! We put on our party clothes around 5:30 and got ready to party! It was so great to see family I have not seen in a while and friends that I have not seen.  For dinner my parents served up my Dads ribs, turkey, salad, bread, beans and potato salad! My Uncle John and his band played some great dance tunes, we used the deck as our dance floor! Once they were done around 10ish, then we plugged in the iPod and kept on dancing!! We had such a great time! The last dancing crew consisted of Mollie and her friends, the Tutino girls, Me, Renee and Allison! Oh and you can’t forget about the crazy party crashers!

Right after dinner we noticed this young couple and no one seemed to notice who they were.  We asked if they were Mollie’s friends but they weren’t! Finally Aunt Kristen goes to them and introduces herself to get the inside scoop as to who the heck they were, well come to find out they were “Janet’s daughter and boyfriend”! Ok Janet does not live in the court she lives on the cross street about 5 doors down from our court.  Her, her daughter and the boyfriend heard the music and saw the bonfire from their house and decided to come through the golf course to crash the party!  These party crashers decided to get trashed!!!!  They were the oddest family.  The boyfriend was offering my young cousins beer and Janet’s daughter was doing a drunken strip tease during the iPod dance party! Before the party crashers left they piled a bunch of food on a plate and staggered their way home! Although they crashed the party they sure did give us something to laugh at during and after the party! Tonight was so much fun! My family and friends sure do know how to party!!!


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  1. elaine barrett
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 02:29:45

    Lyall & I left too soon for that excitement. He said we should have taken their picture so we could recognize them last year. Wonder if they are any relation to the guy the crashed summer bird last year.


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