California Adventure-Day 15

Of course the boys decide to get up early when their Momma goes to bed late! I woke up and started the coffee first thing!! My Uncle Grant came over around 8 to help with the after party clean up! I let the boys play outside while we started the clean up party! We cleaned up for about an hour before tradition called for the “after party beer break”!  So at 9 am we were serving up the rest of the Stella from the night before! We cleaned up for a while and the boys played in the backyard.  After the boys woke up from their nap we went over to Grammy’s house and swam with Reid and Ryle!  David had so much fun swimming with his second cousins! I have come to realize more and more that my boys have no fear of the water!  It is a good thing but a scary thing at the same time.  I had fun spending time talking with Grammy!  When we got home I put Jonathan down for another nap and made David watch a show to rest! We headed over to Jeff’s house for a BBQ around 5! I can’t wait to post some of those pictures on here! My boys looked like they were fresh out of a dumpster they were so muddy and dirty!  Jonathan had eaten a chocolate cupcake that dropped in the dirt so he was covered with chocolate and dirt! It was priceless!  I left there around 7 to get the boys bathed and in bed! After they were asleep I went back over to Jeff’s house to hang out a bit more with my Tutino girls before we had to say goodbye!  We talked and laughed until about 11 when I needed to go home to sleep.  It is always so hard to say goodbye to them! They mean the world to me those girls! The greatest thing about our friendship is that no matter what we alway just pick up where we left off! Man I am so blessed to have them I love them so much!  We said our goodbyes not knowing when we would see each other again and I went home and went to bed!


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