California Adventure-Day 21

I can’t believe that I am actually writing that today is my last day here on my California Adventure! When I first got here I felt like 3 weeks seemed like an eternity.  My time has flown by.  This day was spent just being together! My Mom spent all day with us.  She took David to the park this morning while Jonathan napped and I showered.  David was so exhausted from the horrible night of sleep he got last night. So after he went to the park with my Mom I put him to bed for a nap.  We pretty much just hung outside for most of the day.  Jonathan went back for a nap around 12:30 and I fell asleep in the palacio!! Oh it was heaven! To sleep outside in the warm sun was a treat! Around 2:30 we went to Starbucks, then to CVS to buy more diapers and then we went to a birthday party for my friends 6-year-old son! That was really fun to see old faces and to get a chance to say goodbye to the old faces that I had seen these last 3 weeks.  We left there about 4:45 because my Mom had a work dinner to go to.  Renee and her boys came over around 5 to spend the night with us on our last night here! My dad left to go to dinner with a friend so we had the house to ourself! We fed the boys dinner and let them play in the backyard together! Oh man those two have so much fun together.  We bathed them all because they were so dirty, they got to watch a movie and then we sent them off to bed! Renee, my Dad and I ate Pizza and watched a movie together while I packed up all our stuff! My Mom came home from the dinner and we hung out and talked and then headed off to bed! I think that next time for sure Brian will have to come with us because 3 weeks away was just way too hard for everyone! We all missed each other so much.  I am so thankful for our time together and the amazing 3 weeks I got to spend with my amazing family! I am so blessed!!


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  1. elaine barrett
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 16:12:44

    We were so blessed to have you here, even for just 3 weeks. Love you all so much.


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