What a day, what a day!

This crazy day actually started yesterday.  I got a call from Brian around 1 saying that he felt too sick to drive.  He was light-headed and dizzy and did not feel right.  I picked him up by 3 and when we got home around 4 he went straight to bed and only came down to eat a bit and then back to bed for the night.  I got up around 6:30 because I needed to shower and get ready before the boys woke up because we had to take Brian to work and then Jonathan had his 1 year check up today.  We left the house at 7:45.  As we were driving Brian was saying that he still did not feel right and that he felt horrible and if he did go to work he was not sure if he would be able to drive home.  He was able to get someone to cover for him and we took him right away to urgent care, oh but we stopped at McDonald’s for some breakfast.  We were at urgent care for about an hour and a half to learn that maybe it is vertigo but he has a lot of blood in his urine and that worried the doctor.  She ran a bunch of tests for mono, strep, flu and also sent in his urine to be tested.  He has an appointment tomorrow at 3:30 to get the results.  In the meantime the doctor prescribed him some medicine to help with the dizziness.  He still has felt horrible all day and has been in bed all day.  Brian is by no means the type to lay around all day.  He gets bored very easily and needs to do something, so I know that he really is not feeling well.  After Brian’s visit we took him home dropped him off and me and the boys headed to Jonathan’s doctors appointment, which I had to call and push back to 11.  He is one happy healthy boy! He weighs 25 pounds 10 ounces and is 30 inches long.  To me he seems like a beast but he is in the 80th percentile for height and weight and off the charts in his head circumference.  While we were there I asked the dr to look at Davids feet because he has a bazillion splinters in them.  While we were at my Moms house I would let him play in the backyard with no shoes on.  I think the splinters are from their mulch because you can’t get splinters from the type of wood they have on the deck.  So she looked at them and said “Wow this would take you hours to get all these splinters out.  See these ones here are red and look infected, I will need to prescribe him some antibiotics to treat them”.  Well what do you know, there goes my mother of the year award!!! So after we left there I went to McDonalds AGAIN!! So does that mean my Mother of the year award is gone for next year too??? After we left McDonalds I went to CVS dropped off  the prescriptions and went home to put the boys down for a nap.  As soon as they were down I had to go to Kroger to get stuff for a french toast casserole and Quiche that I am making for my MOPS meeting tomorrow morning.  I put my groceries in my trunk and got in my car to start it and it would not start-up but the lights and the radio worked.  I sat back and I just had to laugh because of course this would happen to me on this crazy day.  I called a dear sweet, sweet friend Hollis to come get me and she gladly agreed.  While I was waiting for her I walked over to CVS to pick up everyone’s medicine and then called John our car guy to see what it could be.  As soon as Hollis got there and started to transfer my groceries to her car and take me home, John asks me if the car is in neutral.  I look down and its in DRIVE!!! I put it in park and it starts right up!!! AAAAAHHHHHH.  Of course, right!! I was so embarrassed.  Hollis had come to rescue me and even canceled a dr appointment to come and get me.  Well praise God for great friends, a great car guy and that my car still works! Amen! So guess where I go again?  MCDONALDS!!! Three times in one day, really?  Brian wanted something for lunch so I grabbed that for him and went home.  I put my groceries away and got the boys out the door to go to work at 3.  Work was actually normal which was a nice break in my day.  I come home feed the boys a great dinner that my dear sweet friend Hollis got for us.  I bathed them and put them to bed by 7:30.  Now I am sitting here in complete peace and quiet because everyone is in bed! I have already pre made my french toast casserole for tomorrow but I am thinking I will need to get up way too early to make the Quiche and bake everything before we leave the house at 6:45 to get Brian to work on time and for me to get to MOPS by 8:50.  UGh I am tired all ready just thinking about it! Like I said, what a day!!


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