Hello Again!

It is so easy to not keep this thing updated! I am always thinking oh I need to add this to our family blog and I need to add this and now that I am writing of course I cant remember what it was.  Most likely it was something funny or cute the boys said or did.  I really must be better at this.  So where are we at right now?

Well the biggest thing is that my dear husband thought it would be a great idea to surprise the boy with a puppy for Christmas.  He walked into my work on Friday with the puppy in hand.  If looks could kill I think he might be dead.  I said to him very seriously but with a smile on my face “What did you do”.  The puppy is a 5 week old german shepherd/timber wolf mix.  He should get up to about 150 pounds!!! We already have a 100 pound golden retriever in a good size townhouse but with no yard.  Well this puppy could not have come at a more inopportune time! We were all sick this weekend and I have had pink eye in both eyes over the course of the weekend.  I have cleaned up way too much dog poop and pee and human barf and poop then I would care to do in one weekend.  Today was the test of me doing the two boys, the puppy and jake all by myself and lets just say I am thinking long and hard about whether or not this puppy is going to stay.  If you were my neighbor you might have thought to yourself this woman is crazy letting her children and dogs run loose in the front yard.  I was chasing all of them in different directions to get back into the house.  This happened on a number of occasions because this puppy, Goliath, has the smallest bladder ever!  I sent Brian a text tonight telling him that I just couldn’t do this by myself.  He did tell me he was sorry and that he promised not do anything this impulsive again! Thank the Lord.  I am really in a touch spot because the boys (brian included) have really become so attached to this puppy and love him.  All weekend David kept saying thank you daddy for my puppy.  How does one take that away from their child?  So Brian and I have a tough decision to make.  To keep Goliath or not to keep him, this is the question! I will keep you posted.

David and Jonathan are getting so big I just can’t believe it! David is talking so much and in paragraphs! It is crazy.  I know they grow up but it happens so fast, too fast.  Jonathan is my mamas boy but also my dare-devil.  His new thing is to throw all the books off the side table and then stand on it! He also repeats a lot of what David says and in the same tone too! I am blessed beyond words for them! They bring so much joy and happiness to me and to Brian.  This weekend we stayed at home because everyone was sick and it was so amazing to just be home together and do nothing! I am so thankful for my family, they mean the world to me!