California Adventure-Day 17

Today we got up at our usual 6:30 selves! I quickly brewed up some coffee and made the boys some breakfast.  Today we are taking pictures with us and the boys! A friend of Renee’s is a photographer.  We were supposed to meet in Livermore at the photographers home by 9:30 well due to traffic for Renee and running late for me we didn’t all get there until 10:30.  Oops! So Crystal (the photographer) jumped into the car with Renee and I followed them into the middle of nowhere in Livermore to take pictures.  She has taken photos in this abandon house with a barn in the past but apparently someone has just recently moved in.  So instead we pull up just past this house and decide to take pictures in fenced off field!  So picture this, it is incredibly windy, we have 4 boys, me, Renee, Crystal, and this peacock colored chair Renee brought for a prop and we are all trying to get over this fence.  Well we made it! We took about 300 pictures and luckily we left without anyone playing in disgusting old troff water, falling off the fence they were climbing, or getting hurt by crawling into a small fenced off area with a gas thingy in it! Whew, to be a Mom to two wild boys!!!  So after we dropped Crystal back off then we went over to our friend Courtney’s house! We had lunch there and let the boys and Chloe play!  It was a good time to get caught up and see each other! After that we went to CVS and to fill my insulin prescription.  I paid for a 3 month supply because it was cheaper than doing it for 1 month.  They have to be refrigerated so I will have to come up with a crafty idea to get them home on the plane! So when we were done with that we came home and I let the boys play for a while.  I fed them dinner, gave them baths and put them to bed at 7! My Dad went and picked up some chinese food for dinner and when my Mom got home at 8 we just hung out for a bit and then I went to bed around 9:30.  It was a good day and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!  Here is a sneak peek of some of the pictures!  Oh they are so cute!!  I love the one of Jonathan by himself in the chair!! My little Asian baby!!


California Adventure-Day 16

My Mom took today off to hang out with us so that was a real treat! She was up when we were up at the crack of 6:30!!! Thank God she had the coffee brewed and ready to go!  We hung out drank coffee and had breakfast and then around 11 we headed to Renee’s house in Brentwood.  Once we got there we let the boys play for a bit and then we headed to Discovery Bay to have lunch! The restaurant was right on the water and we sat on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather! We did not leave there until 2:30! No wonder the boys were so antsy! We went back to Renee’s house and let the boys play together while Colton had his beauty sleep! It is so fun to watch the boys play together! No one but Colton had naps today so you can only imagine the great spirits they were all in!!  We left Renee’s around 4.  I feed the boys dinner, gave them baths and put them to bed at 6:30! They were exhausted!  Once the boys were in bed my Mom grilled some salmon and peppers for dinner! It was so good! We watched Date Night, drank wine and relaxed! It was so fun to just sit and hang out together! It was a blessing to just enjoy today with my Mom!

California Adventure-Day 15

Of course the boys decide to get up early when their Momma goes to bed late! I woke up and started the coffee first thing!! My Uncle Grant came over around 8 to help with the after party clean up! I let the boys play outside while we started the clean up party! We cleaned up for about an hour before tradition called for the “after party beer break”!  So at 9 am we were serving up the rest of the Stella from the night before! We cleaned up for a while and the boys played in the backyard.  After the boys woke up from their nap we went over to Grammy’s house and swam with Reid and Ryle!  David had so much fun swimming with his second cousins! I have come to realize more and more that my boys have no fear of the water!  It is a good thing but a scary thing at the same time.  I had fun spending time talking with Grammy!  When we got home I put Jonathan down for another nap and made David watch a show to rest! We headed over to Jeff’s house for a BBQ around 5! I can’t wait to post some of those pictures on here! My boys looked like they were fresh out of a dumpster they were so muddy and dirty!  Jonathan had eaten a chocolate cupcake that dropped in the dirt so he was covered with chocolate and dirt! It was priceless!  I left there around 7 to get the boys bathed and in bed! After they were asleep I went back over to Jeff’s house to hang out a bit more with my Tutino girls before we had to say goodbye!  We talked and laughed until about 11 when I needed to go home to sleep.  It is always so hard to say goodbye to them! They mean the world to me those girls! The greatest thing about our friendship is that no matter what we alway just pick up where we left off! Man I am so blessed to have them I love them so much!  We said our goodbyes not knowing when we would see each other again and I went home and went to bed!

California Adventure-Day 14

So today is the big party day!! Summer bird for those of you who don’t know is Thanksgiving in the summer hence the name summer bird! My parents rent tables and chairs and go all out in the backyard with decorations, food and beverages to celebrate Thanksgiving in the summer! Basically its a great excuse to party with family and friends! So this morning we again just played in the backyard and helped get ready for the party! The boys went down for naps and when they woke up we went to feed the ducks! We meet the Tutino girls, Jeff and Dana, and George and Jane at the Blackhawk Plaza and let the kids play on the play ground and feed the ducks! It was fun and beautiful outside.  We got home and I put Jonathan down for another nap and I slept for a bit while David watched a show! We put on our party clothes around 5:30 and got ready to party! It was so great to see family I have not seen in a while and friends that I have not seen.  For dinner my parents served up my Dads ribs, turkey, salad, bread, beans and potato salad! My Uncle John and his band played some great dance tunes, we used the deck as our dance floor! Once they were done around 10ish, then we plugged in the iPod and kept on dancing!! We had such a great time! The last dancing crew consisted of Mollie and her friends, the Tutino girls, Me, Renee and Allison! Oh and you can’t forget about the crazy party crashers!

Right after dinner we noticed this young couple and no one seemed to notice who they were.  We asked if they were Mollie’s friends but they weren’t! Finally Aunt Kristen goes to them and introduces herself to get the inside scoop as to who the heck they were, well come to find out they were “Janet’s daughter and boyfriend”! Ok Janet does not live in the court she lives on the cross street about 5 doors down from our court.  Her, her daughter and the boyfriend heard the music and saw the bonfire from their house and decided to come through the golf course to crash the party!  These party crashers decided to get trashed!!!!  They were the oddest family.  The boyfriend was offering my young cousins beer and Janet’s daughter was doing a drunken strip tease during the iPod dance party! Before the party crashers left they piled a bunch of food on a plate and staggered their way home! Although they crashed the party they sure did give us something to laugh at during and after the party! Tonight was so much fun! My family and friends sure do know how to party!!!

California Adventure-Day 13

I was so tired when I woke up this morning! I got to bed late from the girls night out and the boys of course woke up at their normal early time! Today we again just hung out and played in the backyard.  Tomorrow is our big summer bird so we were busy doing last-minute things to get ready for that.  The boys went down for an early nap because they are so exhausted from all the fun they have been having! So when they woke up we just again hung out and played.  They went to bed and I ate dinner and followed shortly behind them.  We are all so tired.  Plus we had to rest up for our big party tomorrow!

California Adventure-Day 12

Today is girls night out!! Yahoo! 7 could not come any faster!  This morning we again hung out in the backyard and the boys played with Auntie Mollie.  Jonathan took a nap while David got to go be Grams’ special helper on her errands!  No nap for David equals early to bed! After the Jonathan’s nap we still didn’t do much just hung out.  I got the boys all ready for bed by 6 and Renee came to pick me up around 6:30.  We had to meet the girls at Chows in Danville by 7 but we were a little late because it is so hard to get ready to go anywhere with little children! The attendees were myself, Allison Auser, Alicia Baker, Amy Moxley, Renee, Ciera, Shiloh and Bree! We sat and talked for hours! It was a blast.  We didn’t leave Chows until 11 and a few had dropped off and were not up for staying out later.  So the real party animals (Ciera, Shiloh, Bree, Renee and I) went to the Hopyard even though it was closed already but Bree was our “in” and sat on the patio and talked some more! Renee and I left there around 12am.  I came home and went straight to bed because I knew I would be up really early with my sweet boys!

California Adventure-Day 11

Today was another laid back day! The boys played in the backyard for a while and went down for naps around 11.  When they got up we went over to Wal-Mart and got some diapers and wipes because these boys can plow through a box of diapers like no ones business!!  After that we headed over to Jeff Tutino’s house to hang out with the girls and let the kids play and burn off some energy.  I fed the boys dinner over there and then came home gave them baths and put them to bed! I was supposed to go back over to Jeff’s house for some of his famous Carbonaro but I was too tired to get off the couch plus no one was home to watch the boys! Minor detail! Mollie flew in today as well.  It was so great to see her and hear about how law school is going.  My mom , Mollie and I were so hungry (because it was 9 and we had no eaten dinner yet!) so we headed over to the Hopyard to sit on the patio and have dinner.  Bree was our fabulous waitress! We came home and then went to bed!

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